Heidi Griswold 2/11/17

I hit the jackpot when I found Pet Stylist Paw Spa. I had terrible luck with my past groomer who cut my puppies eye during her grooming which then required stitches. I’ve been very hesitant to get her groomed since. I read several recommendations and now couldn’t be happier.

The groomers at pet stylist were caring, nurturing and attentive to my concerns and my sweet puppy Barkley. From booking my appointment, dropping her off and picking her up everything was smooth and AWESOME. They are cage free and it’s a very calm and friendly environment. Not one of the dogs in there was barking or upset. They were playing and waiting for their turn. I can’t rave enough about how happy I am!!!! I am not one to leave reviews but this one nailed it!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and a beautiful haircut. We will definitely be back