Angela Christopher – 7/7/17

I am super happy with the service here. I found them on the 411 on Facebook and was very interested in their pick up service. With 4 dogs, it’s hard to find a time that my husband and I were able to coordinate our schedules to both be in the car to get all 4 dogs to the groomer. The only day we can consistently do this is Sunday’s and the groomer I like to bring them to is closed on Sunday’s. The last time we had coordinated to bring our dogs in on a weekday, my husband (a doctor) was called to work for a medical emergency. It left me having to bring my 4 dogs to the groomer myself. It was a mess. They were trying to climb into my lap. At one point one of my dogs stepped on the push button stop in my car and we almost caused an accident. That just isn’t an option going forward. Today pet stylist came and picked up all 4 dogs taking them safely out of the house one by one on leash and hooking them into doggie seatbelts. After taking them he texted me a picture of them once they arrived at the groomer (about 10 minutes later). That made me feel good to know that they were safely inside. 3 hours later he texted to let me know they were ready to be brought back and they were dropped off. Very convenient. I expected that the price would be more expensive because of the service, but they are actually significantly less expensive than the last 2 groomers I used. I do feel a little guilty for cheating on our other groomer, but this is service that goes above and beyond the average groomer. Also, we have struggled to get the right “lion cut” on our pomchi for a long time. They totally Got it right. Very impressed!