My dogs don’t seem to mind going to your salon. They are beautifully groomed and trimmed.

Kathy Haywood 5/18/2018

Adriane has taken the time to let our pup get to know her. She is so patient and understanding of his fears. She is the only person I/he will let groom him.

Amie Hickel 5/20/2018

Jack looks great and is a happy camper!

Paul Anderson 5/18/2018

Best service that we have experienced in 20 years. Mother’s Day card a great thought.

Lisa Angeloff 5/13/2018

I love that the stylists are patient and careful with my shy, skittish dog. I also like that she is not caged. They do an excellent job on the final cut and my dog seems comfortable at pick up which is a good sign.

Kerry Kudron 5/12/2018

Missy once again looks like a silky terrier. Her last grooming left her looking rather like a skinned rabbit. Thank you for your professional skill.

Judith Hatch 5/12/2018

This was my first time here and I will be returning. I was very satisfied with Izzo’s bath and trim.

Kathryn Stout 5/09/2018

Thanks Adrian. Ginger looks great!

Jeff McHenry 4/26/2018

Great job in a timely manner!

Amy Chenoweth 4/26/2018

Very grateful to get in so quickly and so happy to be called as soon as Coco was done.

Jackie and Steve Garvey 4/25/2018