Thank you for paying attention to the details, and taking excellent care of my pup. He looks great!

Caryn Nofal 9/8/2018

Ajax likes going there

Michael Hennessey 9/8/2018

Cage free which is great! They do such a great job and are always so careful. I appreciate seeing the Paw Spa in my parish magazine every month and recommend them to all my friends!

Nina Estavillo 9/6/2018

Excellent service and always a happy dog to bring home!

Mary Mildenhall 9/6/2018

Service was superb thanks

Julie & Ken Rubis 9/5/2018

My dog looked and smelled great and looked happy to be with Adriane

Hannah Carson 8/30/2018

Marilyn did an awesome job as usual.

Brian Renner 8/29/2018

I am so happy I found Pet Stylist. My pup is shy around other dogs so I was a tad concerned, however, the staff is fantastic and the handle all dogs very well. Great environment and my pup always smells so great and is so soft when I pick him up.

Adriana Spragg 8/17/2018

Thank you for taking great care of Milla. Her haircut looked amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ Pet Stylist always does a great job!

Sandy Sedillo 8/16/2018

My dog always looks his best (and smells his best) when heโ€™s done at The Pet Stylist!

Kelly Dudley 8/16/2018