three domestic animals cat and dogs



Small Dogs (1 – 20 lbs) $55 – $60

Medium Dogs (21 – 40 lbs) $60 – $70

Large Dogs (41 – 80 lbs) $70 – $80

X- Large Dogs (81 lbs and up) $80+


Small Dogs (1 – 20 lbs) $30 – $40

Medium Dogs (21 – 40 lbs) $40 – $50

Large Dogs (41 – 80 lbs) $50 – $60

X-Large Dogs (80 lbs and up) $65+


Haircut with or without a bath $70

Bath only $50



$5-15    De-Shed Treatment.     For long or short hair. De-shedding shampoo & conditioner, with additional brushing. Small Dog $5, Medium Dog $8, Large Dog $10, X-Large Dog $15.

$7    Nail Filing.     Nails are smoothed off and filed down closer to the paw pad. Reduces scratching and snagging.

$7    Teeth Brushing.     Teeth and gums are brushed with pet- friendly toothpaste, then we spray a touch of breath freshener to finish.

$7    Dead Sea Mineral Bath or Aromatherapy Treatment.     Ultimate coat and skin conditioner. Protects against dry skin, and softens and shines the coat. Leaves a light and refreshing scent.

$7    Scented Facial.     Gentle facial cleanser with aloe vera. Removes most stains and brightens the coat leaving a beautiful light fragrance.

$2    CBD Oil Treatment.     Good for dogs who get nervous or have anxiety. 100% natural, suspended in salmon oil, contains no THC. Works as an appetite stimulant and helps with joint pain and arthritis.

$15    Express Service.     Straight-through appointment. Must be pre-scheduled.

$5-20    Color.    Price will vary depending on size of dog and size of area dyed. There will be a variety of colors for your choosing.

$5    Nail Painting.     A variety of colors will be available for your choosing.



BATH & BRUSH    Using only natural products a cleansing shampoo followed by a luxurious conditioner for a soft and tangle free coat. Anal glands expressed as part of this service (if requested). Ears cleaned, face & feet trimmed, and nails clipped. Finally a thorough brush and comb for a bright glossy coat.


FULL GROOM       Includes all of the above, and the coat is trimmed or shaved to your specifications.  Not sure what cut to ask for? Don’t worry, we can chat with you to fully understand what you’re trying to achieve for your pet.


NAIL CLIPPING ONLY     Simply call us and we can usually fit you in same day for only $10.

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