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Are Golden Doodles Low Maintenance?

goldendoodle-750443_1920A low shedding breed of dog does not necessarily mean low maintenance. Golden Doodles are one of the low shedding cross breeds but their coat being curly, may need more grooming and brushing to avoid mats.

Mats are formed when the undercoat, top coat and possibly loose hair wrap around each other and become tangled. These can end up twisting tighter against the skin and cause bruising and discomfort. It’s important when grooming your dog to ensure that the brush penetrates all the layers of the coat to keep it tangle free.

If you love the look of your doodle with a full length coat, then you will need to put in the time to do regular grooming. Although professional groomers will be able to brush out some mats, it’s too stressful for the dog to expect a groomer to brush out multiple mats. In these cases, trimming or shaving the coat is much better for the dog.

So if you love a full coat on your doodle, be prepared to spend lots of time brushing them thoroughly, and regular trips to a grooming salon will help keep their coat in tip top condition and your dog happy. Why not book your Doodle in with us for a groom, and we can advise you on the best way to care for your dog’s coat at home, including the correct tools and great de-tangling products.