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Long Nails?

long nailsDo you hear that ‘click click’ noise every time your dog walks through your home? Long nails on your dog can cause issues for both you and your pet.  


As much as we adore our pets; being clawed by them is not pleasant, and clothes may be snagged and damaged.  Additionally, your dog may adjust his gait when he walks if his nails are overly long, causing potential joint problems for the future.


nail blogInside each nail is a nerve called the quick that grows with the nail.  As nails should only be trimmed up to the quick, it’s not possible to clip long nails very short in a single session.  


Regular trimming, will have the quick recede away from the exposed surface of the nail, back towards the paw.


For beautifully short nails in the quickest amount of time, contact The Paw Spa and ask for our nail package. Your pet can have weekly nail trims at only $20 per month.  Each visit only takes a few minutes. Once the desired shorter length is achieved, monthly nail trims at only $10 per visit will maintain this.



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Private Grooming Class

dog grooming classDo You Like Your Pet to have a Full Fluffy Coat?

At The Paw Spa we are offering a 30 minute class where you can learn from our professional groomer all the tips and tricks to help keep your pet’s coat tangle free.

In this private class you will be shown brushing and combing techniques, and be given a gift grooming set (includes: brush, comb and de-tangler product) so you have the right tools to take home.

When you attend the class with your pet, please remember to bring treats for them.

Call 480 706 7085 to book your class.

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Preparing Your Pup for a Visit to the Groomers.


It’s important to socialize your pup so he/she learns how to behave with other dogs and people. Here at The Paw Spa we have a cage free environment, so socializing is all part of their visit with us.

You can help your pup enjoy their experience by preparing them for the noise and being brushed and handled.   Here are some activities to slowly introduce to your pup, ensuring he/she is praised and rewarded with little treats for each achievement.  It’s good for a pup to associate good things with what happens at a groomers.

Why not bring your pup in a couple of times for a brief visit, prior to any appointment. We love to meet client’s new pups, and he/she can associate coming here with getting cuddles and praise.

At home you can do the following, remembering  to take it slow, and keep each session short. Food and praise are great distractions, but don’t turn it into an exciting game as this encourages the pup to jump around, and to try to bite the object or your hand.

puppy-1887210_1920Brush your pup and get him used to being handled from his tail to his head

Hold each paw and spread out the feet, handling each nail. Keep rewarding until they are happy to give you their paw. This will help when their nails are to be trimmed.

Stand your pup in an empty bath and distract your pup with a treat that takes time to lick or eat, whilst you slowly add some water. Keep it shallow, and if calm, begin to add more water (watch the temperature). Try pouring some water over their back.

Slowly introduce your hair-dryer to the pup. Lay the dryer(switched off) on the floor then switch it on whilst the pup is in the room but not close.  Gradually move it closer to the pup in stages; the pup should be calm before progressing. Eventually blow the dryer over the pup’s coat.

If you intend to have your pup’s coat fully trimmed then slowly introduce your electric shaver or something similar, in the same way as you do with the hair-dryer.  When the pup is ready, run the handle of the shaver over their coat to get them accustomed to the vibration.

By taking the time to condition your pup to the new environment of a groomers, helps avoid stress for both you and your pet.


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Fruit and Vegetables – Which Are Safe To Feed Your Pup?

VEG - BADIt’s widely known that chocolate, grapes, and avocado should never be fed to your dog.  There are a number of vegetables and fruits which are safe to give to your pet, within reasonable quantities. However, if you overfeed them on any of these foods they may get stomach upsets and diarrhea.

The ones shown within the red frame should never be fed to your dog, this includes vegetables that belong to the onion family such as leeks.  


The items shown within the green frame are safe to feed to your dog within reasonable quantities. Small pieces of carrot and a few frozen peas are great for small snacks.
If in doubt, don’t risk your pet’s health, and just feed regular dog food.  If you have any questions around food check out Dr G’s Facebook page. Dr G includes  food therapy as part of her range of services.

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Six Common Myths About Dogs Get Debunked

Article by Dr Jeff Jenkins  – Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital.

Blog - common mythsToday we are debunking six of the most common myths about our furry canine friends.

A warm or dry nose indicates illness. You may have heard that if a dog’s nose is dry or warm it means your dog is sick. However, your dog’s nose is not an accurate indicator of your canine pal’s health. If you notice your dog’s nose is warm or dry, don’t panic. There are normal explanations for this, such as waking up from a nap. However, if your dog’s nose is persistent or becomes crusted over, bring him or her into us for a visit to rule out any health issues.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, actually, you can! training an old dog may be a little more challenging, especially if he or she has hearing loss or reduced vision. However, as long as it’s within his or her physical capabilities, even senior dogs can benefit from the mental stimulation of learning new tricks.

Giving your dog garlic can prevent fleas and/or worms. Garlic doesn’t prevent fleas or worms. Further, it is not a good idea to feed your dog garlic. In large quantities, garlic can actually be harmful to your dog. Talk to us about safe flea and tick prevention for your dog.

A wagging tail means your dog is happy. Dogs do wag their tails when they are happy, but a wagging tail doesn’t necessarily indicate happiness. It can also indicate excitement. It’s important to observe the other dog behaviors in order to determine if their excitement is friendly or aggressive.

My dog runs around in our yard, so he or she doesn’t need to go for a walk. Spending time in your yard is not a replacement for real exercise. Dogs are naturally pack animals, which means they want to travel with other dogs. When you walk your dog, you stimulate this directed, goal-oriented pack behavior in a way that running around in the backyard doesn’t. Also, going for walks helps to burn off energy in a focused way and provides visual and sensory stimulation for your pet.

One human year is the equivalent of seven dog years. If only it were that simple!  Not all dog breeds have the same lifespan; therefore, a Yorkshire terrier could live to 17 years of age, while a Boxer may only survive to 10, meaning they probably age at different speeds. Additionally, dogs mature very quickly at first, but after the first couple of years of life, their maturation slows down considerably. So, a two-year-old dog may be equal to a 24 year-old human, but a four year-old dog may be equal to a 32-year-old human.


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Dogs Love Our Cage Free Environment.

chilling n chatting
Chilling n Chatting

Can you imagine your hairdressing salon shutting you in a caged booth away from other customers until you’re finished and ready to leave?  That’s exactly what many pet groomers offer your lovely pups.

Here at the Paw Spa we offer dogs a cage free environment, so they get to chill and chat whilst they wait for their bathing and grooming.  We find that nearly all dogs, when not on a lead, socialize absolutely fine with others of every size. Some are so relaxed they take a moment to have a snooze. This is also a great safe environment for your young pups to continue to learn their socializing skills.

We have found that in a cage free environment even the most anxious dogs are easier to groom. This is because they don’t wait in the kennel building up their anxiety or excitement. They are more relaxed and tired from their earlier play time.

You may have a valid reason for wishing to keep your dog(s) away from others and we can cater for that too.  We have separate areas that still allow a dog the freedom to roam, and a number of cages are available if a pet needs to be kept still due to age or medical reasons.

We aim to create the most relaxing environment for your pet, so they enjoy their experience with us.  Why not book in your dog for a day of socializing and pampering.