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Long Nails?

long nailsDo you hear that ‘click click’ noise every time your dog walks through your home? Long nails on your dog can cause issues for both you and your pet.  


As much as we adore our pets; being clawed by them is not pleasant, and clothes may be snagged and damaged.  Additionally, your dog may adjust his gait when he walks if his nails are overly long, causing potential joint problems for the future.


nail blogInside each nail is a nerve called the quick that grows with the nail.  As nails should only be trimmed up to the quick, it’s not possible to clip long nails very short in a single session.  


Regular trimming, will have the quick recede away from the exposed surface of the nail, back towards the paw.


For beautifully short nails in the quickest amount of time, contact The Paw Spa and ask for our nail package. Your pet can have weekly nail trims at only $20 per month.  Each visit only takes a few minutes. Once the desired shorter length is achieved, monthly nail trims at only $10 per visit will maintain this.



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