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Fruit and Vegetables – Which Are Safe To Feed Your Pup?

VEG - BADIt’s widely known that chocolate, grapes, and avocado should never be fed to your dog.  There are a number of vegetables and fruits which are safe to give to your pet, within reasonable quantities. However, if you overfeed them on any of these foods they may get stomach upsets and diarrhea.

The ones shown within the red frame should never be fed to your dog, this includes vegetables that belong to the onion family such as leeks.  


The items shown within the green frame are safe to feed to your dog within reasonable quantities. Small pieces of carrot and a few frozen peas are great for small snacks.
If in doubt, don’t risk your pet’s health, and just feed regular dog food.  If you have any questions around food check out Dr G’s Facebook page. Dr G includes  food therapy as part of her range of services.

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