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Dogs Love Our Cage Free Environment.

chilling n chatting
Chilling n Chatting

Can you imagine your hairdressing salon shutting you in a caged booth away from other customers until you’re finished and ready to leave?  That’s exactly what many pet groomers offer your lovely pups.

Here at the Paw Spa we offer dogs a cage free environment, so they get to chill and chat whilst they wait for their bathing and grooming.  We find that nearly all dogs, when not on a lead, socialize absolutely fine with others of every size. Some are so relaxed they take a moment to have a snooze. This is also a great safe environment for your young pups to continue to learn their socializing skills.

We have found that in a cage free environment even the most anxious dogs are easier to groom. This is because they don’t wait in the kennel building up their anxiety or excitement. They are more relaxed and tired from their earlier play time.

You may have a valid reason for wishing to keep your dog(s) away from others and we can cater for that too.  We have separate areas that still allow a dog the freedom to roam, and a number of cages are available if a pet needs to be kept still due to age or medical reasons.

We aim to create the most relaxing environment for your pet, so they enjoy their experience with us.  Why not book in your dog for a day of socializing and pampering.

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